This blog started off so well-planned: I had a bunch of stories, a bunch of photos, and funny things are always happening, so it would be a matter of “just” gathering what I had so far, putting it in chronological order, and posting it all as your “starter kit.” Then, in a logical manner, I would add entries from the road daily (along a long- but not well-planned trip to NC), and just continue to add from that point on.

I’d post the long-threatened (not-at-all-anticipated) “Photo gallery of dead (and thought-to-be-dead) animals I’ve had in my house,” some funny stories my mom has told us about her childhood and youth (that I’d call “The Voulez-Vous Volume”), and talk about the funny things that seem to happen every day. Lots of possibilities.

Finally, though, reality has set in…and the current reality is that right now I can’t plan past my next cup of coffee. So instead of organizing the crap out of this site and then posting to it (in another 25 years), I’m just going to start throwing stuff out here. Otherwise nothing will ever see the light of day. I’ll start with my recent trip, interpersed with “Why is she talking about this now?!” entries. And we’ll just see what happens.

The postings won’t always be chronological in nature, you might see stuff you’ve already gotten via email, and I will inevitably move stuff around, so please bear with me and just read along. Instead of being the orderly, organized, well-presented (yet aesthetically pleasing!) site I was “planning on” this is apparently my 2999th reminder from the universe about not over-planning. Welcome to my world…

PS: Just this one entry took 39 minutes, and that’s without excessive editing (or including this PS). This is going to either take more time than I anticipated-and I’ll either love or hate it and post accordingly- or it won’t get updated too much, or I’ll love this more than life itself and dedicate every waking moment to it, or (hopefully) somewhere in between.