Today’s travel summary: I could sum it up by saying, “I GOT somewhere!” but that’d make for some boring reading. The best part of this day has been the past couple of hours, since arriving at the (ahem) Evansville, IN Super 8 Motel. As lame as that sounds, I don’t care; I’m just so relieved to GET somewhere, however not-far-as-I-wanted-to-get-today. 

And why has the past couple of hours been so great you might ask? Well, I’m in my pj’s, on the bed, and have been watching HGTV for 2 hours now. It’s the longest I’ve ever spent watching it, after having threatened to invade countless people’s homes. I was so tired when I got here, yet now (while still tired) I could just watch all night.  

This turned out to be an intense day. After having what little plan I had waylaid by a couple of things, I finally got on the road at almost 2pm, 2 hours past my “target” time. No biggie on that; the sad part started when I got downtown to get onto the bridge over to IL—a traffic jam that I sat in for approx. 64 minutes, give or take, and when I finally got to the bridge there were 2 cop cars blocking the way.

Now why they couldn’t have used the solar powered sign a ½ mile back to note that the bridge was closed is beyond me; but after spending an hour having people trying to cut ahead of me, I found myself in the wrong lane, wondering where to go! So I ended up taking an alternate way (which involved going north, then west, then south, then east) , which was not traffic-y at all, and started to unwind once I put on some music (thanks GN—what an obvious idea I didn’t think of!).

I-64 has so much more character than I-55, which I memorized over many years (not hard since it’s flat, plain and boring). But I-64 has hills and farmland and rivers and swamps and banks of trees that surround you. There was a lot to look at, including the Simpsons-like clouds in the sky.  

When I started fizzing out beautiful Evansville (and its several motel signs) beckoned. Checked in, started indulging myself w/HGTV (with a pause to walk to p/u a carryout from Denny’s with its COOL silver retro-diner style), and am now off to fall asleep to the inspiring sounds of HGTV.  

PS: It’s been 4 years and 3 months today since I quit cigarettes. Sigh. I look forward to the day when I quit counting.  

Today’s game: license plates

IL, KS, NC, SC, TX, GA (sorry but they’re the WORST drivers so far), FL (2nd worst), Ontario, WY, CA, WI, MN, OH, PA, KY, TN, NY, NJ, AL, ND, SD, NE