“Accessories” is not the right word. What I really mean is, well, “underwear”– specifically the uh, bottom part of the set.

I’ve been noticing (when changing into my “play clothes” after work) that I tend to have coordinated the shirt I’ve just worn–and this may be TMI*–with my uh, lower underwear. ** For example, today I wore a blue shirt with blue lowerwear.

Perverts can keep quiet, but I would like to know if this unconscious-need-to-coordinate:

-is something you’ve noticed about yourself too

-is something you think is part of a subconscious longing to control

-is something everyone does it but nobody talks about, and I’m just figuring it out

-is something you’ve never even thought about it but now that I mention it, you DO do that

 Just curious…

*”Too Much Information,” for the non-cognoscenti         **I refuse to call them “panties” because I think that’s the most idiotic word. Not that I normally call them “lower underwear” either, but it’s what came to mind.