A milestone: I had my 1st comment from someone; it’s appended to my 1st posting. Susan makes an excellent point about the 70% statistic, which I believe. In fact, another friend already said something like “good luck, my blog died after 1 entry.” (Gee, thanks for the encouragement?)

Now that I’ve “advertised” this I feel obligated to do something every day. But then I think “or what?”: People stop reading it but I say something every once in a while and get it said, which I’d do anyway? Or nobody reads it except the person I leave $4,000,000 in my will if they can prove to my executors they’ve read it daily?

Or maybe everyone looks at it every day for the next scintillating thought I have, and they are usually sorely disappointed, but are just as thrilled when there is something new. It could happen.

But no, I won’t be doing something every day, though hopefully it’ll last as long as I have something to say. I’ll probably feel (self-induced) pressure to do something every day, won’t do it, will feel guilty, but won’t let it stop me from not doing anything anyway…