Cheap is relative, of course, but in my book $35. for something that’s hard to find is priceless…

I finally found, received and put away my new replacement for the GE Toaster Oven that was approx. 30 years old (no joke). It was in its waning days, with an uneven electric burner that left cookies on the right side half-done and those on the left side burned.

Some day, when I am in the basement next with my camera (ok probably never) I will take a photo of the old one so you can see how old it is. It’s a dinosaur. But today, I’m sharing with you my new cheap thrill instead.

My problem (aside from ridiculous frugality about things like this) was that I have a small space in which to put a new one. It is hard to find a toaster oven smaller than 8 3/4″ tall x 9″ wide x 15″ deep. Go on, try—I dare you.

There are definitely some great models out there–some double as toasters, grill-ettes, bagel toasters, and convection ovens. But they’re all the size of my refrigerator. Try to find one that’s as small as I need and you are SOL.*

But thanks to through its sister site Amazon (which you KNOW I love), and my-50-million-points-gets-you-a-$25-giftcard-credit-card, voila! I have a new “free”toaster oven.


It just occurred to me that I haven’t even looked at the damn thing, and have no idea what its features ARE. That’s how much size matters in this case.

*special note to SN: I don’t need to tell you what that stands for, do I?