For some reason, which I’ve traced back to the death Scooby Doo’s creator (months ago), I’ve started to say “ruh-roah” instead of “uh-oh.”

Every time I say it I ask myself, “WHY am I saying it like that?” I don’t remember saying “uh-oh” that much before. It bugs me. And yet I keep doing it.

Even more, I don’t remember Scooby Doo actually saying it, do you? Maybe he did say it and the death of his creator reminded my subconscious, but all I remember Scooby Doo saying is “ruuuuhhhhhh?” (as in, “huuuuhhhhhh?”).

 So now I’m saying it, noticing I said it, asking myself WHY I said it, since I hardly ever —I thought— even said “uh oh,” engraving that phrase even deeper into my memory paths so it’s more easily retrieved the next time I don’t intend to say it, wondering if he ever even said it, and then I wonder if other people also take thoughts like this, tear them up and down into a 1000 pieces, stuff it back into their minds, and have it pop out the next time they don’t need to say it.

I don’t know if it’s better or worse (and this could be the damning evidence) that all of this “ruh-roah” or “uh-oh” is INTERNAL <not said aloud, not mentioned to others> 98% of the time. It is totally internal. Suddenly I feel I might be sharing too much.

This posting may be temporary.