We are officially OLD. And when I say “we,” I mean of course “I.”

A PBS ad recently caught my ear: a “Sound Stage” episode with Peter Frampton, one of those people I kind of forgot about. Sorry, Peter—nothing personal—they just overplayed and (we overlistened to) you there for awhile.

When I looked at the screen I just about had a heart attack, though. The shock wasn’t hearing him sing—he sounds great. (I say that based on the 10 seconds I wasn’t in shock.) No, the shock was seeing him—I literally did not recognize him.

It was Frampton’s voice, but it was coming out of this middle age, mostly bald, gray-bearded, guy!! I couldn’t make the connection between the voice and body until I saw the smile, which gave him away.

Then, to my surprise, I teared up. I don’t know if it was from hearing his music after so long (crisp and acoustic), or seeing him, from a combination of the two, or from “post seeing-aging-rock-star shock syndrome.” I was just so surprised! And now, waxing nostalgic, I present the following mini-exhibition: “Peter—Then and Now”:


frampton-comes-alive.jpg Peter_frampton.jpgim-in-you.jpg

And now…