Thank god for fearless kids always looking to make some $$. I woke up, saw the nastiness still on the porch (in multiple pieces now, sigh), but I heard the kids behind me playing outside.

One (the oldest, natch) yelled at her sister to get their brother, the other got the brother, and bless him, the brother came armed with a snow shovel. The one who got the brother also came along for the ride, wanting to see it (the youngest are fearless).

They of course wanted to know the story, were somewhat surprised that Girl didn’t do it and that “the nice cat” was the one who did it. PS scooped up most of it, asked if I wanted him to pick up <let’s just call them ‘the remnants’>, did so with his hand (in a glove, but still), and the youngest, LS, said “My dad will want to see this!”

Go for it girlfriend. Bring it on home to daddy—just get it the hell off my porch.

So before Girl even saw that her natural prey was out there, the kids behind me took it away. For their trouble, the “go get P” kid (oldest daughter–figures) got .50, the one who got P and came for the ride got .50, and P got $2.00. I’m assuming he gave them their money…

Life is back to normal for now: Girl’s out in the back yard chasing (i.e. barking) after rabbits that are already dead or are long gone, and I can enjoy my porch without seeing anything icky.