I know this is juvenile,  kinda crabby, petty, and just uncharitable but I am so not-unhappy to hear Jerry Falwell died. He (IMHO) was one of the pioneers of mean-ness in religion, which combined with the media, led to a mean righteousness that extended to politics (i.e. you’re-only-going-to-heaven-if-you’re-in-the-right-party-and-think-the-same-we-do-about-everything).

His “efforts” bled the lines between the separation between church and state and (such as it was), the separation of the media from both. Now they’re often a mélange (I’m thinking especially of Fox here…).

He was one of the people, despite being a “preacher” and a “former segregationist”—how very “christian,” that helped spark a divisiveness in this country that’s been reproduced ad nauseum in the media, and has, in fact misconstrued issues so badly that if you’re of “the wrong” opinion you could indeed be the devil.

But other than that, I’m sure he was a great guy…