I had to get replacement baby gates because the dog kept knocking the wooden ones down, and she’s been on “bed rest” and can’t lay out fully in her kennel. This time I got big hard core plastic baby gates with tension control, the whole bit.

They’ve successfully kept her in the kitchen…until tonight.

As I came up the stairs I saw her looking down at me–from outside the gates. I thought, “Dammit, there is no way she could’ve knocked those gates down.” And sure enough, she hadn’t knocked them down—they were still standing alright.

(Click to enlarge.)

 the new high-power gates    

Instead, she had dragged the bench from around the corner, knocked the pillow off,  at some point tried unsuccessfully to get food from inside the bench & created tiny shreds of paper instead, climbed on top of the bench and jumped over the gates.

      looking over the gate into the kitchen  the bench, pulled around the corner, with the pillow knocked off behind it

She didn’t get the food (HA!), didn’t knock the water over (a miracle) and appears no worse for the wear (clearly has a high threshold for pain).

I think she’s getting better.