Just thinking about the following got me all happy. Writing about it, on the other hand, makes me do a sanity check and ask if these are really the only thrills I can find. If so, that might indicate an apparently-otherwise-meaningless existence, and that would be alarming:

—Our new trash company will do recycling at the curb now! It’s going to revolutionize my household life. Go ahead and laugh, but recycling in a small house is no easy feat: it takes up space under my sink, a shelf in the dining room, and part of the basement!

Granted, the new red recycling container is nothing to write home about aesthetically and it won’t fit anywhere in my house, but (and this leads to my next cheap/lame thrill):

—I don’t have to separate all my recyclables any more! Paper, plastics, stainless steel—I can throw ’em all together in the same bin, no forethought or extra attention required!

—They’ll come weekly for it. No more hoarding it all in the basement until warm weather comes*. I just have to drag the container to the front and hope a big wind doesn’t blow it or the contents away.

—They recycle more types of plastic than my current recycler. Like, way more—not just your standard #1s and 2s, but also your #3s, 4s, 5s, and 7s. Think of how much less guilt I will have.

—For all this convenience (and no more side yard pickup-a big negative) I’ll be saving $10/month, gas to the recycling center (approx. $20 each time at current gas prices*, and will gain space in my house (while losing precious aesthetic sensibility on the exterior of house but oh well).

—Their literature confirmed my suspicions: If you do it properly, your trash should be 1/2 of your waste, and recyclables the other 1/2. Mine is. Now please excuse me while I go adjust my halo…