This is one of those things you might get via email (and I predict it will start circulating soon).

If you got it via email the subject line would say* something like “FW: FW: FW: This is so true!!!!” or “FW: FW: FW: We could all stand to do these” or “FW: FW: FW: I love this!!!!!!!” or something like that.

This will be inspiring for some and tiresome for others. Rather than inspiring or tiring you via email I am doing same right here: 39 Ways to Live, and Not Merely Exist

If I knew more about blogging I’d “ping” it or “trackback” or something. But I don’t so I’m not. Maybe I’ll figure it out someday but it’s from a blog I like called “Dumb Little Man.”

*not if I wrote it, though—mine would be clever of course