Dear Self,

You must continue learning to not take things personally. Overall, you’ve improved immeasurably, but don’t go and start thinking “all the neighbors” think you’re a wacko just because K didn’t really feel like talking tonight.

After all, she was bbq’ing and has 4 kids, and the neighbor child was over and she probably just was in a hurry. Don’t take it personally! This does not mean that M talked to A who talked to K and now K thinks xyz about YOU.

You don’t know what (if anything) K thinks, so take it down a level and quit ‘what-iffing.’ And so WHAT if?! An alcoholic lies about you and IF people believe it (and that’s a big “IF”) it should tell you more about THEM than about YOU. Must not take it personally.

Must also not take it personally that the earth is literally in fissures it is so dry, nor take it personally that all your garden is eroding and bulbs are being uprooted, despite the popular notion that planting staves off erosion. It’s not your fault.

It’s ALL the fault of global warming.

Love, Self

PS: You might be a little wacko for writing this out, but what might really seal the deal is that you’re now about to share it.