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It occurred to me that tonight’s “walk” with Girl consisted basically of me stopping a lot and saying either:

“Come, let’s go, leave it, a couple of ‘good come,’ ‘good leave its’, and then back to no, come, leave it, dammit girl leave it, HEY,” and then, finally picking her up once.

That is just a sad excuse for a walk and I feel like a sad excuse for a trainer. Sure some of it is her fault and I am a bit constrained by her back, neck and paw problems, but I learned that if the dog is mis-behaving it’s the person’s fault (sigh–always blame the mother).

When there’s a rabbit scent involved though, I can repress her natural, in-bred behavior just so much…

What they don’t tell you is that you have to pre-think for the dog–what is she about to do? And sometimes there is a fraction of a second between her seeing something to roll in and starting to roll in it. Or between her seeing something under a shrub and her getting under the shrub.

It just bothers me because (wait ’til my mom reads THIS), when she pulls like this she ends up in more pain later. It hurts both of us when she hurts. When she hurts as a result of her pulling on her leash, I hurt too. Grrrrrr…