part of backyard <click photo to enlarge>

The other day I was weeding in the verrrrry back of my yard. I was right up to the fence, pulling weeds and vines out from under things. (I was in the very top left of the photo).

Behind me, MS had her friend Miranda over, and I could hear them chattering and playing away. They also had a tent set up to “camp” out in that night, and MS’s sister, LS was also out there.

So the friend starts getting a little bossy with the youngest. You could tell she (the youngest) realllly wanted to just be out there with them, even if she knew she wasn’t “camping.”

I love both her and her older sister, but the older one was feeling peer pressure to fit in with and accomodate her friend, and was starting to get a little beeatchy too, IF you know what I mean. 

I popped my head up, said hi (and the friend got noticeably kinder). I started talking to them, and LS told me she couldn’t sleep out there too because there wasn’t really room in the tent (true, but not the REAL reason), but that her mom said she could lie in HER bed and eat something special tonight instead.

You could tell she really wanted to believe it, but that there was just something that didn’t jive (jibe?) for her. I asked LS if she wanted to come over and do something special with me too, like have a bowl of ice cream. She ran in to ask her mom.

While I was waiting for her I continued weeding and realized suddenly that this was karmic payback for all the times I’d treated my 2 nearest younger sisters badly when I had friends over (as a child of course, not now!).

LS came over, we had ice cream on the back porch, and shared a delightful conversation, just the two of us.