So with WordPress (host of this blog–see link at bottom), there’s this thing that shows the # of times your blog gets viewed.

Granted, its days are tracked in Greenwich Mean Time, but if you can tolerate some ambiguity (or do the math) you can pretty much figure out how many hits you get a day.

You can also (if you set your blog to allow search engines to look at your site) see what people have typed into Google, Yahoo, etc. to get to your site.

I just started allowing this feature so I’m tracking (via posts) what searches people used to get here. These are the only 2 searches so far:

1. show me a mole & a vole (had 2 views!)

2. remove animal back yard (had 4 views!)

Do you notice anything similar about those?! Who knew so many other people had these concerns?! If I started a blog solely about dead animals I would get tons of traffic!

And we would build a community, and moles/voles and dead animals would be our main topic, and we would talk about our numbers (how many found, what limbs were missing, how we got rid of them), maybe have contests (heaviest vole?), and then we could use this blog as a forum to engender whirled peas, and and and…etc.


Also interesting (perhaps only to me) is that people have also been clicking on the photo of Girl in my post, Bemoaning bad behavior, and on the ones of Allie with the snake.

Nobody’s really enlarging the photos though—Helloooo: did you not see the Herschel Bernardi post?! and the “Room 222” photo?! Do you SEE those every day?!

All in all, though, I think this Blog Stats tool is dangerous. I’ve told myself (successfully at times) that I’m doing this blog for ME, regardless of whether it gets read, blah blah blah, yet I’ve become obsessed with the damn blog stats!

Even though I am (given the numbers) still doing this (basically) just for me, the little puppy in me is still saying “Pay attention to me!” “Tell me you love me!” “Am I good enough, am I smart enough, and doggone it do people like me enough?”

In “secure person” terminology this means: ‘How many times did it get viewed today?’ ‘Did they click on the Lydia’s House or the TOUCH links?’ (sadly only once I think) ‘Which images are people clicking on?’ ‘What search terms brought them here?’

Don’t worry–I can’t tell who looked at the site or clicked on anything, only that someone did. And apparently the ‘traffic’ matters more (to me) than I realized (acknowledged) it does.

PS: While looking online for a mole/vole photo I found this guy’s blog. He also has a whole thing about animals in his yard. And he’s had 97,532 views! DAmn! Whirled peas! Whirled peas!