Someone searched for this text and got to my blog: backyard rabbit dead stomach (1 view)

I just want to know why? WHAT were they looking for?

It’s alarmingly specific too, which raises some questions/concerns: If they had a dead rabbit in their backyard then they knew what its stomach looked like. If they just found a stomach, what made them believe it might be a rabbit’s? Or did they want to know what a dead rabbit’s stomach looked like before they went and killed one? Or maybe they wanted to know what a dead backyard’s stomach looked like from a rabbit’s point of view.

Any way I look at it it’s bizarre. At least my dead animals with their stomachs eaten out were semi-naturally occurring. I didn’t go searching it out on the nerdnet; I just waited for the kids behind me to tell me.

I save my searches for the important things, like Herschel Bernardi and the obscure tv show he was in in the ’70s. (See OK, stay with me on this one…)