bagpipe-guy.jpgYet another lesson learned the hard way: Girl the Beagle is scared of bagpipes. Sat. night we went to a local high school, where they were performing Brigadoon.

The play’s proceeds were being donated to Support Dogs (SDI) so we volunteered to come schmooze in the lobby, tell people about SDI and TOUCH, “let” people pet the dogs, thank them, etc.

They had a real Scot playing the pipes before the show. Seems like a great idea, huh? Well, not so much…

The poor guy (who probably got rooked into doing this gig all weekend) was playing outside in the 90 degree heat, kilt, hat, flaps and all. The only thing he didn’t have in the photo above is the poncho thing over his arm. That’s a lot of clothes for 90 degrees.

And he may have been miserable outside but the music made Girl miserable inside. Not only did she attempt to escape every time the doors opened, but she couldn’t hear me over the music and she was literally shaking with fear. I had to pick her up and hold her to get her to stop shaking…

Girl’s been de-sensitized to a LOT over the last few years, but music is not one of those things (runs out when I play stereo, drools and pants when I play it in the car, can’t go to festivals where there are speakers, etc.).

Fortunately, the other volunteer (with the support-dog-in-training that picked up a PENNY off the floor) and the “play woman” were understanding so we left a little early.

Girl was too “emotionally drained” to tailgate me while I was BBQ’ing, so I don’t have to tell you how bad off THAT is…

Note to self: verify no bagpipes are present before next volunteer gig.