Things have come together recently, resulting in me having free time. I have (and take) my lunch now, and living closer to civilization (can run errands @ lunch or come home and vacuum, do dishes, etc.) means I actually have more free time on weekends lately. (Can you hear the angels singing ‘ahhhhhhhh’????)

Not that everything is all “done” at home, mind you. No, I’ll always have something I “should” be doing.. <—Self-development cliché alert—I finally accept that “finishing” will never happen.

But instead of living and obsessing over my to-do list, I’ve been leaving more flexibility in my weekends (aka-screwoff time). FINALLY.

Sometimes I just sit on my back porch and read, usually at night after I’ve gotten my “chores” done. I’ve lived here and had access to the “city” pool for 14 years, but only in the past few weeks have I finally been using it semi-regularly.

I’ve been going there periodically, where I just read, snooze, and jump in when I’m hot. Quelle life! If you know me, you know it is so radical for me to: 1.-take prime, daylight time and just not work (not including gardening, which doesn’t count as work), 2.-relax and 3.-do it without guilt.

I went the other day (my only obligation-free day this week) and it started pouring not 2 hours after I got there. I stuck it out for a while, contentedly reading under an umbrella…

…until the sky really opened, at which time I bailed. But still: for me, to be content and relax? AND to not think about what I “should be doing” or getting pissed at the rain, even though it was my free day and I’m as pale as winter?! Why, that’s just crazy I tell you–crazy radical!

Anyway, the point of this is that I’ve been enjoying summer more than I’ve been doing any blogging. And judging from the viewing stats, you have been enjoying the summer more than you’ve been visiting my blog. So—cliché alert—let’s make hay while the sun shines and keep enjoying the summer!

I’m always writing in my head, so something of subtance (well….) may actually make it here soon. If not soon, then some day, so do check in from time to time.

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