There I was, all excited about my new existence with free time, when this weekend came…

Here’s what I did this weekend, in no particular order:  

-went to pool (for 3 hours! no rain! did WORK for 1/2 hour there! got red nose even though I applied SPF30 FOUR times)…

-Made yogurt

-Made 2 shepherd’s pies

-Cut up melon, tomatoes

-watered shrubs

-washed sheets & 3 loads of other stuff

-divided ground beef and froze (The last batch rotted in the fridge, so this was an accomplishment I’m proud to note.)

-went to gym

-cooked salmon & rice & peas and ate it all even though it was supposed to be for 2 meals.


-cleaned out cat boxes

-pedicure (self-administered)

-stopped by parents’ house

-grocery store—and this is sad—THREE times (a new personal record)

-played approx. 298 games of solitaire


-bought my first pair of capri pants now that they’ve been “in” for >1 year


-returned stuff to library

-tried on mail-ordered swimming suits

-retained self-esteem after above

-cleaned up, backed up hard drive

-talked to 3 of 4 sisters on phone and/or in person

-tried to find out if neighbor is in jail, rehab or hospital since haven’t seen in 1+ month and has kid and car hasn’t moved (no answer yet)

-did dishes (and yet it’s Sun. night and the sink is full again)

-ironed 5 sweaters, 6 shirts

-surfed a little

And I managed to sleep 10 hours Fri. & Sat.

No wonder I’m so tired on Mondays.