bunny_1-small.jpg(photo caption: Surely you realize this isn’t me holding a rabbit, since I see only dead ones.)

People keep telling me how ‘disgusting’ my most recent bunny story was, but come ON people–you had fair warning.

The biggest clue: the photo of the dead baby rabbit at the beginning of the story.

But, like rubberneckers driving by an accident, some people just can’t help themselves—they slow down and look.

You had the chance to keep driving, but you slowed down and read it (despite yourself) so don’t complain NOW ’cause you saw the blood.

In fact, I should ask for sympathy from such a traumatic event. And after all I’ve done for nature: taken in three stray animals, recycle, limit consumption (except ice cream & frozen custard), improved the earth with bird/butterfly/snake-attracting somewhat-aesthetically-pleasing garden (with bird feeders!), and being a shining example to all I know.

I deserve praise for having courage to witness and write about such a digusting beautiful, natural thing. You just read about it. You had it easy!

Remember, you just READ about the accident—I was IN the accident. So quitcherbellyakin.

Click to re-visit the accident scene: Yes, lightning can strike twice…or more.