I’m 44 years old but I finally did it.

I’ve been thinking about it for years but had been put off by its (physical) power compared to mine.

Not to mention the damage it could do. I’ve watched frequently over the years but have never actually done it,  so yeah—I’ll admit it—I was a little scared.

I knew I probably wouldn’t use it that much, so it was okay that it’s lower-voltage and battery-powered.

So usually I’d get these kinds of things online, where I’d save money by not paying shipping (I LOVE Amazon!) or sales tax (eff YOU money-wasting govt!).

But THIS need was so compelling, that I actually went to the store and bought it, paying full boat retail and sales tax and yes, I finally got my very own power saw.

A cordless, powered B&D HandiSaw that came with 2 blades (1 for metal! 1 for wood!), a wall mount that can also hold your spare blades, and of course, the charger.

Yep, that bad boy will cut up to 200 1/2-inch dowel cuts on a single charge and it can cut through ONE inch (metal,  wood or plaster!). And the CHS6000 will take standard T-shank and universal shank jig saw replacement blades.

Mmmhmmm, I am SO not kidding.


The final rationalization justification for getting it was needing to cut down my frontmost forsythia (or “forthythia” as I prefer to call it). That’s a sad story in itself but after outside consultation I knew it was beyond saving.

Considering it’s the first thing besides bulbs that I planted in my garden, and provides some privacy and—most importantly—is the first thing to bloom in late winter, I am crushed to be removing it.

Yeah I know everything has a season, nothing lasts forever, fall’s the time to let go, blah blah blah. I know all that, but it didn’t really console me the way this retail therapy did. 

It’s similar to the sapphire, gold and pearl rings (and the therapy) I got to console myself after a breakup way back: bought for consolation, BUT with practical use. Only this was many hundred dollars cheaper.