Last night’s Greenie event reminded me of this:

To quote Dave Barry, “I swear I am not making this up.”

One night awhile back I was in bed reading with (of course) the dog and cats nearby. My stomach started growling (no doubt I’d eaten Ted Drewes for dinner).

I had the radio on and Girl was definitely snoring (i.e.- there was “white” noise), so I went into the kitchen and grabbed a handful of Cheez-its, wondering if I’d get away with it. Normally, if she hears the bag she comes running (how sad that she knows the sound and its meaning).

But surprisingly, I actually got away with it and even stuffed the bag back into the box without her hearing me. I was almost done chewing by the time I got back to the bedroom.

I moved Li’l F-er* out of my spot, got back into bed and Girl still wasn’t moving. Now granted, she was probably a little awake by the time I threw gently placed Li’l F-er onto the floor, but she still wasn’t moving

All of a sudden, she lept (sp?) up and did her “I am the great hunter” tail-point-nose-up-in-the-air move. She sniffed the air several times, turned, and came towards me.

She found the source of the smell — on my breath. She smelled the freakinCheezits on my breath.

Now she was wide awake and wildly hunted for more. She bounced off the bed and frantically searched the kitchen and her kennel but eventually came back to bed, more than a little defeated.

Can you believe that? She could smell my breath from 3 feet away while dozing!! I will just never get over that. <And I did NOT eat that many Cheezits, in case you’re thinking “Well, whaddya expect when you have ’em trapped in your stomach fat?”>

So she can’t smell a rabbit when it walks right in front of her, but she wakes up to the smell of Cheezits on my breath…go figure. I’ll just never get over that…

*Li’l f***er=Bubba the fat cat that loves nobody but me, and even then it’s iffy.