I have to do some work-work this weekend. That is, I have to do some the-place-I’m-at-every-weekday-that-pays-the-bills kind of work.

I “saved” it for today because I’m a firm believer in taking a break (i.e.-Saturdays). I’m also a firm believer that you can accomplish many things around the house (that you’ve been avoiding) while you’re avoiding work-work. To wit, so far today I have:

-made yogurt for the 2nd time this weekend

-made rice for tonight’s dinner

-changed & washed sheets

-set up work laptop for when I do actually start work-work

-dumped large bags of shreddings into compost bins (have been “meaning” to do this for 1+ month)

-weeded a little

-considered using my cool new power tool (see if you’re procrastinating right now) to finish pulling out the forthythia (that’s how I like to say it, so just be quiet). I knew there’d be no return from the land-o-gardening if I did this though.

-moved hoosier neighbor’s crap off of my property AGAIN and considerately piled her old pieces of wood by HER house to let the termites get HER house instead of mine

-pulled greenery away from a/c unit outside

-did a little conceptualizing on where (in garden) I could put a cool concrete Medusa head planter I saw @ an “antique mall.” This involved walking around the “manor” and thoughtfully putting my hand on chin periodically.

-cleaned out cat boxes

-took shower

-tried to figure out what happened to my normal blog header

-wrote this

So now it’s 1pm 1:20 and I can’t reasonably justify procrastination anymore, although I am hungry and it is time for lunch…