I’m starting to accept my own theory that procrastination isn’t necessarily negative if you replace the oh-god-I-really- don’t-want-to- do-this task with another oh-god-I-really- don’t-want- to-do- this-task -and-have-been- avoiding- it – but-it- suddenly-sounds-appealing- compared-to-the -other-one kind of task.

So here are some of my oh-god-I-really-don’t-want-to-do-this tasks and some oh- god-I -really- don’t-want- to-do-this- task-and-have- been-avoiding -it -but-it-suddenly-sounds- appealing-compared -to- the-other- one tasks. See if you can determine which ones I was “supposed” to do and which ones I actually did:

-reconcile checkbook vs. wash windows/screens
-break out visa bill vs. call Dell tech support
-do sit ups vs. planning a trip that you know will cost more than you can afford
-break out visa bill vs. walk dog

Life just isn’t always so cut and dry, is it?