When I heard “the p-word” in a radio news story today it caught my attention.

(I discuss the p-word in

There is a way for us, peonic citizens of the world, to express digust to the government of Burma (renamed Myanmar) over its treatment of Buddhist monks, trying to quell free speech, its disregard of human rights, and the barbaric military regime.

This campaign is called “Panties for Peace.” Organizers are asking women to send in ‘lowerwear’ (my word) to a Burmese embassy near you. Seriously!

Per the AP story: “…the country’s superstitious generals, especially junta leader Gen. Than Shwe, also believe that contact with women’s underwear saps them of power.”

What better way to show your disapproval, get rid of old undies*, AND sap a brutal government’s power than sending them such women’s undies?! <link to story:

It’s beautiful!! It’s political AND it’s hilarious, two things that seldom are said together.

So women of the world, men who like to wear women’s clothes, and anyone who can find a pair of women’s underwear, send some to a Burmese embassy near you!

To facilitate this process, I am including the US embassy’s address: 

Embassy of the Union of Myanmar      2300 S Street NW, Washington D.C. – 20008

If enough people do it, the government will go down either under the weight of its superstition or the weight of the garments sent. They’ll get so many pairs that rooms will fill and they will have to touch them just to walk through, thus sapping their power.

If you actually do it, please leave me a comment. I’d like to know how many of us are changing the world, one undergarment at a time.

*Clean please—After all, it’ll be some hapless powerless underling who has to open the envelope.