robo.jpgOh why wasn’t this available when I was a kid? 

For those who don’t remember, this is the coveted Lost in Space robot. The one that says all those memorable phrases like “Danger Will Robinson,” “That does not compute.” The repro’d. one has an additional 509 phrases by the ORIGINAL voice of the robot from the tv series.

Oh! And did I mention that it has the rotating torso, flashing lists in the head, and the claw hands?!?

But wait—there’s more! For those of you looking for your “brush with greatness” moment, MY childhood best friend’s dad knew the robot voice guy. Idon’t know if that’s true or not, but I believed it then. I will be looking for a reality check on this fact from my childhood friend and her family, who I will email separately because I don’t think they really read this.

Now, here’s the kind of down side to this eagerly-anticipated-highly-sought-after-potential-Xmas gift: it costs 24,500 dolla… Yeah, I know—seriously—sigh. Of course that comes with a dedicated help line, but still…

Yet, I will ask for it for my 45th bday in Feb., because as my friend Ann (who also doesn’t read this blog) says, “Go big or go home.”**



**I think it’s really out of a movie but she’s the one who always says it.