Prequel: The perfect Christmas-birthday-forever gift…

I received confirmation that my childhood friend’s dad DID know Richard Tufeld, the voice of the robot on Lost in Space. Here’s what my-almost brother said about it (this is great):

“Dad brought Dick Tufeld (voice of the robot) home with him once. He was working with Dad on some commercials. He had this almost childish part of himself that day; he’d beat us to answering the phone. When he answered he became the robot. Freaked out more than one caller; usually a friend of one of us kids.

Dick is a professional announcer with lots on his resume’; he started out in the Navy as the voice on training films; he WAS the voice of the Academy Awards for years. And, lots of other stuff.”

Here’s what my friend said: “It’s true about the robot voice guy- his name is Dick Tufeld (sp?) and I think he’s still alive. When I was @ 5 or 6 years old, he was in St. Louis and my parents had him over for dinner. For some ridiculous reason, I managed to lock myself in the downstairs bathroom and he was on ‘the outside’ with everyone else trying to tell me how to unlock the door.”

<added 11/18> : Here’s what my friend’s sister said: Yes it is true, Dad did know the voice of the robot…in fact, I believe he did the voice for the new movie Lost in Space too.  He visited us in St. Louis when we were younger…that was the time Meg (who was really little) locked herself in the downstairs bathroom, and someone had to climb through the tiny window to rescue her!
That same guy…got me autographed pictures of Batman and Robin, Richard Chamberlain, and Paul Revere and the Raiders!

–>So if you know me, you know someone who knows someones who met someone who was the voice of the robot and the Academy Awards. Despite my brush with a brush with greatness, I’m still my humble self who is off to wash her stinky dog, just like all the other little people.