Prequel:  This just in: L’il F****er

As predicted, Bubba roosted on the couch corner for awhile, but not for as long as predicted. He then moved into the basket on the coffee table shelf and the bed, where he curled into a little ball (he IS very cute physically). Today’s been spent on “Girl’s chair.” He gets that for about another 12 hours and then he’s outa there.

Now this is anthropomorphization at its best, but I really think he is “healing.” Even as lazy as he normally is, he still normally musters the energy to chase Allie around once or twice a day, go outside a couple of times a day and, (as we’ve recently seen) spent the occasional night out.

He probably had it comparatively rough out there on the mean streets of Shrewsbury, especially for as hot as he normally likes it and given as much water as he drinks. The past couple of days I’ve only see him get up long enought to eat or drink and then he goes back to the chair. Poor little guy. He hasn’t wanted to go outside again (yet) but has looked out the door once.

My friend P was over the other night (cat’s first night home) and Bubba was so mellow you couldn’t even call him Li’l F*^^%er. Well, he did snap at P once, but after that he let him pick him up and hold him, touch his stomach (normally only for those w/a death wish), and he let him pet him so much I thought he’d lose his fur.

Remember: I’m talking about Bubba here. If you’ve been snapped at by him you KNOW his current behavior is abby-normal. Please god let it last long…