cover.jpgAt first I couldn’t tell if this would be a good book or not. It was the first book by a new author, and although there were rave reviews on the back, what else are they gonna say—“It’s crap but read it anyway.”???!

But it was detective-y and the magazine it was reviewed in said it was funny AND had a good plot so I requested it from the libarry (yes I said libarry).

It started off with a typical chase: woman runs to car to get away from someone, screeches to bottom floor of a parking garage at high speeds, around corners, etc. to get away from the pursuer.

Finally, both cars end up down at the entrance. Unfortunately I forget what exactly caused them to stop, but the upshot was that the woman jumps out, goes to the other car and says “Mom. Dad. This has to stop.”

THAT sucked me in. And it was hilarious and yet detectively, which I liked.

Book is The Spellman Files by Lutz.