I don’t usually talk about what’s going on in my life much beyond all the dead animal experiences which, other than a dead (partial) rodent I found on a plastic bag today, have been decreasing…(knock on wood).*

In that vein, here’s some personal information, just so you know where I am right now:

-I’ve recently increased my fiber intake.
-My house has so many animal hair tumbleweeds I am literally allergic to it.
-Bought a fun sign in Chicago last weekend, not this one, but with the same verbiage and the same ‘tude. Nobody’s taken me up on it yet.


-Great guy cooked me dinner recently, which beats a kitchen cleaning any time. He was kinda messy but it has not dampened my enthusiasm for more meals for me and not made by me…

I’ve had more ambitious hopes for this site, believe me, but topics I always end up with are comparable to why painters do so many self-portraits and still lifes: they are subjects that are always available and present.