Today’s cheap thrill: I used my GE Home Cleaning System’s crevice tool for the first time and it rocked my world!!!


<Pictured above: the GE Home Cleaning System>

<Just added 11/20! Photo of a crevice tool!>

In a parallel universe the GE Home Cleaning System would simply be called a ‘vacuum cleaner,’ but since we’re in an era where everything has to be everything to everyone (to justify a high price markup), this lowly device has been elevated to the status of trying to be your everything by saying it’s your everything system.

It’s my first new vacuum cleaning system (got it about 2 years ago). Here’s my old one, Grandma N’s Eureka Princess, whose motor I’ve replaced twice and bought a new hose for but it didn’t suck well, which, well, sucked. <Go ahead—I’ll wait while you re-read that more closely.> I now use it for the basement and back porch.


<Pictured above: Grandma N.’s Eureka Princess, which is slightly more turquoise than this shows>

You just don’t realize how quickly technology changes until you get a “new” something to replace something really old that you’ve had forever and that at least does the job. Some things really do become “new and improved,” and the GE Home Cleaning System is definitely an improvement over the Princess. It sucks!!

So, now having successfully used the Home Cleaning System’s dusting accessory AND accompanying crevice tool, I can now say it is my everything. Thanks to my sister, the vacuum whore,* who’s had more vacuums than I have had residences, who introduced me to the GE Home Cleaning System.

*In her defense she does have asthma, so she’s always looking for the one that does the best job.