Apparently some people are confused because I use initials instead of people’s names.

This is my dilemma: Should readability take precedence over anonymity? Is un-identifiablility more important than identifiablility?

I’ve assumed that most people reading (except some who get to my site via strange, downright weird searches they put into search engines like Google) already know who I’m talking about when I say “J” or “E”, but I now realize that I know all of you, but you may not always know each other.

I want to preserve people’s privacy but want a “relate-able” place where everyone feels like they already know who I’m talking about. I guess I can’t have it both ways.

This being the internet, there are probably 133,000 sites about this topic already, but what the hell, I’ll throw it out there: If I were to mention you here, how would you want to be referrred?

Bidda or B.? The Bid-ster? EDK? My sister related by my ‘being part of the digby family’ sister?

Or do you prefer having a key characteristic assigned to identify you?

For the previously mentioned “Bidda or B.? The Bid-ster? EDK? My sister only related by virtue of my ‘being part of the digby family and hardly ever see but feel close to and love to death, but still am freaked out she’s a grandmother’?” what would your moniker be? (I’d prefer something shorter than the italicized text above…)

Seriously, she brings up something I think a lot about: How do I slice you (or anyone) down to just one characteristic or trait or identifier?! I can’t do that to someone (with the possible exception of the annoying neighbors who probably wouldn’t read this anyway, and if they did they would be sorely p*&^%ed at me for calling them).

Plus, would the “name” I picked totally identify you? Like, say I called you SOMETHING I AM TOTALLY MAKING UP like “my green-haired friend.” Does that “summarize” someone or tell others what they need to know about you? It would make the person easily identifiable (like the green hair wouldn’t?!) but it’s so obvious! And what if I say something negative about your green hair?

Or what if I picked a name for someone but they didn’t even realize it about him/herself? Like “my friend Lorna, who’s got the most annoying voice and that bugs the crap out of me”? Note: I do not know anyone named Lorna.

Such a dilemma. This guy whose blog I love,, refers to his spouse as (I think) ‘the wife’ and their child as ‘the boy,’ which frankly bugged me at first, but once you “get to know” him (someone I couldn’t pick out of a lineup, whose home city/state are unknown to me, and whose career I don’t know, yet who I feel I know), you realize he’s not doing the clichéd labeling but he”s preserving their privacy while establishing each’s identity that’s not defined by their nicknames.

All right–well, I’m clearly not going to answer this large philosophical question tonight. But as usual, I’ve enjoyed hearing my own tapping on the keyboard and feeling the keys under my fingers.

It’s already 630, 6:45, 7:15, 730, 750. I haven’t had dinner, walked dog, eaten, had dinner, had dinner, started watching my 8 dvds’ worth of backlogged, recorded TV, or made the bed or coffee for tomorrow. Shit. To think I was going to do “nothing” tonight.

—>Cliché alert: Where does the day go? I always run out of time before I run out of things I want to or have to do. Always scrambling and being tired gets tiring…Another topic for another day I guess.