Can you believe it?
<You should know this by now, but click on image to enlarge.>



Special note for the aesthetically-impaired or the horticulturally-ignorant: You don’t see daisies in November here. You just don’t. This is rare. This is comment-worthy:

“OMG marie/y congratulations on your daisies!* You must be so excited since 1. It’s November, 2. We’ve had so many freezes already, 3. You are a GREAT gardener to get daisies to bloom in November*, 4. I know how much you love flowers, especially during the winter. “

Yep, those would be some of your comments. I’ll admit #3 is a stretch since I had nothing to do with that, but you can still say what a great garden I must have.



*Not shown here is the OTHER daisy in the living room.