Most of the things that’ve happened over the past 6 years have been unpredicted and unexpected, mostly and especially getting my dog.

Take a look at the photo above then review the list below. Any of these separately is unexpected enough:

-I have a dog.

-The dog is sitting on a chair.

-The chair is, for all practical purposes, hers.

-The chair has a prop under it for the dog to have a ramp (it’s the arthuritis, you know).

-She is covered by my coverlet (because she was lying there physically shaking).

-She is on my chair with a dirt-encrusted skanky nasty bone I saw her bury earlier.

-And this, the most revealing change: I have propped the bone up so she can easily access it (tho with a protective cover under it) because she is in pain.

Any of these alone would be surprising, but all of the above together? Unfathomable.

I don’t know if Girl has made me a better person or just made me a sucker. She certainly has a cushy life. The question is WHO AM I???