When you have more than one cheap thrill in any given day, it’s a good day.

#1: Grilled cheese sandwich made with (may my arteries forgive me) Velveeta Cheese. I accidentally bought 2 lbs. for Grandma N’s Spinach Casserole for turkey day. So I’m making a sandwich right now with some of the cheese. I suddenly crave Tomato Bisque Soup with basil on top like my mom used to make, but am happy with just my sammy. Oh sweet decadence…

This is not really my sandwich because I’m too lazy to photo it.


#2: New-warm-fuzzy-slippers-that-fit-me-and-that-I-like-even
-though-they-make-my -feet-look-like-gunboats-and-I-don’t
I just found out they’re called “scuffs” so I feel like I should be wearing a “housecoat” or maybe a muumuu.

I never wear slippers except during winter. But I figured that I’d never wear them w/out socks anyway, so unless they fall off a lot I should stay warm. They couldn’t fall off any more frequently than my old ones.

Here’s a picture but don’t tell me what you think about them unless you like ’em. I’m more fragile in the winter.


The pair I bought a year ago was WAY too big, they were always falling off, and they weren’t nearly as fuzzy warm inside like the new ones. Plus they’re way cheaper than the faux shearling coat I’m too cheap to buy.

I hate winter so I do whatever I “need” to get through it, and by golly my new $9.00 slippers might be the trick for this year. Well, that and a vacation in the Caribbean.