-I have done 4 loads of laundry today, and am purposely “forgetting” to do the 5th. How is it possible for 1 person to have 4 loads of laundry, you ask? 3 things I can think of offhand: dog, procrastination, extras ‘accidentally’ left by a certain someone who I’m going to start charging pretty soon…

-Have not been eating nutritiously lately, although my orange sherbet with dark chocolate chunks does have extra vitamin C

-My mortgage payment is going down 75 cents a month next year! I know, pretty exciting huh? What am I going to do with that extra $9.00 next year?

-Lovin’ my new slippers <Today’s cheap thrillS>—They’re warm and only one has fallen off once.

-Don’t care who wins the Mizzou-Oklahoma football game

-It’s 4:30 pm, I’m getting into my pajamas in a minute, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it.

-Working long hours, not getting enough sleep, and am getting a bit crabby about it all (I know—you couldn’t tell, could you?)