My town has a new trash provider, Christian Disposal. They have a modified jesus “hey i’m a christian” dove as their logo (presumably secularized for palatability by non-christians).

The logo is prominently displayed on the 65-gallon bin I get to wheel downhill every week, as well as on the single-stream recycling bin I so love <previously discussed here: Cheap thrills or lame thrills?>

When she saw the logo, my sister commented that now I have jesus picking up my trash. In fact she’s said that many times. I’m not gonna say anything bad about them though, since unlike Veolia, these people actually show up.

Secretly I crack up about her for talking about jesus taking my trash, but in public I chastise her and tell her to watch out for the lightning, which is god coming to smite her.

Here’s an email she sent me the other day.

Email: If Jesus can take our your trash, can his momma keep your data safe?

Note that Mary’s insides light up when you’re moving data. I just love those twisted folks at Gizmodo for finding yet aNOTHER thing you didn’t know you needed.