As much as I tell myself I will not focus on age, it sometimes tweaks me as a reminder that things change.

Latest glaring example: “JT” now refers to Justin Timberlake. (Cliché alert) Back in my day “JT” referred to James Taylor.

HelLO?–Sweet Baby James, Steamroller Blues, I was a Fool to Care, Gorilla, Mexico, Damn this Traffic Jam, How Sweet it is (to be loved by you). Classics.


I don’t care if the bambino “brought sexy back” or not* dammit, what else has he done?! I’m sure he’s a perfectly nice man, but Justin is NOT JT. He’s JT2, he’s Justin, he’s JustT, I don’t care—he’s just not JT.

Gawd (cliché alert) is nothing sacred?! “JT” should only refer to James Taylor. So sayeth the old fart, who also thinks “old JT” has aged well and that HE brought sexy back. Heck, he never lost his sexy.


*and I want to know to whom ’cause he doesn’t do a thing for me