Ok, I know I’ve been sick but I really thought it was Christmas time. All evidence points to it: time of year, commercials, decorations, email flurries (“What does Aunt ZooZoo want for Christmas?”), Rudolph on tv, etc.

And yet somewhere it’s Easter.

Here’s a list of the past 4 days of searches that brought (some) people to my site.

This is literally what they typed in and how many views people there were (I don’t really understand that part either).

Intelligence test—see if you can spot the trend

Day 1
baby rabbit 4
Christmas birthday phrases 4
white cheezit 2
rabbit storys 2*
dead bunny 1
dead animal 1
biggest rabbit 1

Day 2
mall bunny photos 2
baby rabbit 2
images of baby rabbits 1
biggest rabbit 1
dead rabbits 1
“work in progress” mkn 1
dead+bunnies 1

Day 3
baby rabbits 4
Hammacher 74584 3
richard tufeld dies 2
hospitalization for rimadyl overdose 1
motion dispensers 1
my dog is so stupid… 1*
small bunnys that stay small 1*
i regret getting my dog 1*
“who are you””i really wanna know” 1
dead baby 1*

Day 4
baby rabbits 3
baby rabbit 2
people holding bunnies 2
i really wanna know who are you who who 1
comment about someone 1
sad bunny 1
fat bunny rabbit 1

baby rabbits    1
Baby Rabbit    1
small images of a rabbit    1

Are you seeing a theme here?! Either somewhere (else) in the world it’s Easter or my sense of time is way off or a lot of kids have an assignment related to rabbits or someone’s messing with me (conspiracy theory).

Also in preceeding days I had dozens of hits on a picture of a baby rabbit (which I ‘borrowed’ from somewhere else), and a lot of those were from Google UK and Google Australia. Something’s going on in those British-y places…

*Kudos/alarms for spelling and/or the entry