Mine is brown.

I have avoided malls for the last several years (but ESPECIALLY at Christmas) by getting things online or buying at small local stores, Target being THE MAJOR exception.

“Shop” is not a verb to me, it’s a noun. I don’t shop—I go TO the shop. If I have to go to a store, I know where I’m going and what I’m getting. I get the hell in and get the hell out—no effing around.

At the end of December my uncle is getting married and I am sick of my wedding/funeral dress.

And I have this pair of shoes I love (did you know I am a recovering shoe whor*?), but I’ve only worn them once, to my sister’s wedding 2 years ago.

They’re too dressy for work and I don’t get out very much, so I haven’t worn them since Em’s wedding. Since my uncle’s wedding is a great reason (i.e.-the only reason I have) to wear them, I decided to find a new outfit to match them.

Well, I don’t know what the hell is up with me but I have made a few trips to department stores this week and bought:

  • 3 bras (technically 4 but I’m returning 1) Brett, I know you’ll comment on that.
  • 3 “shirts to work out in” <she says, sitting on her a** on gym night>
  • 1 cotton taupe hoody & pants to work out in <see above>
  • 1 “it’s just so cute and on sale and I must have it even though it’s basically the same as the previous outfit only the taupe is just a little darker and these are made of fuzzy warm velour” hoody & pants.
  • 1 sweater that actually will be used and useful and was on major sale.
  • And the coup de gras: aI’ll wear this once a year at the most but when I need it I’ll really need it, I can rationalize it because I’ve had my old trench coat for ~20 years and I’m sick of it dammit, the price is reduced about 65%, it goes great with my ‘wedding shoes,‘ I love and must have it at any price  brown dress coat <pictured>.

I might have to sleep in it to reduce the cost-per-wearing, and I need more brown like I need more weight, but there was just no question it was going home with me. And why can’t I be like this in other areas of my life?!But wait! There’s more! (or less, depending how you look at it)! Not only did I get all of the above, but I also looked at >1 store and didn’t find any, uh-nightwear, robe, jeans, a “practical coat I can wear every day to work but that’s not as heavy as my winter coat” coat, or socks.

I did not even look for Christmas presents for others.

Oh! And I almost forget to mention: I haven’t found anything to wear to the flippin’ wedding yet!

Seriously, though—I hate shopping.

Mine is brown.

<addendum 12/13/07> So much for the “cool factor”—Wore new sweater to work and had co-worker point out there was a tag on it still…