1. All my ‘to dos’ this morning are unappetizing and undesirable and I am writing this so I can stall even further.

2. Here are the lowlights of my ‘to do’ list:

  • Clean out cat boxes.
  • Vacuum
  • Grocery store (which I really need to do, unlike those freaks that go buy milk and bread just because it’s supposed to snow a lot)
  • Shave legs.
  • Give dog a bath.
  • Have my monthly ‘come to jesus’ with the visa bill.

3. It snowed overnight and is continuing today. You should not walk in front of my house or up the steps until the snow melts. I have no sand or anything to spread to prevent a fall. I tried scooping up birdseed shells and mulch and spreading them the last time it iced up. This kind of worked (and is eco-friendly!) but all that crap is one reason I have to vacuum today.

4. I have 9 books* from the library that I’m waiting to read. They’re almost all due 12/26 (ruh-roh). Since it’s such a crappy day wouldn’t it be great to lie (lay?) aroud and read all day? Naaah. I’m gonna scoop poop and vacuum instead.

5. My town’s snow plow trucks go by (on average) every 40 minutes during “storms” like this. Bear in mind that this town is probably 3 miles in diameter and has only 3500 residents. I am NEVER scared to go up my street or to the grocery store in the snow.

6. I have new tires and I can’t wait to drive around and see how well they work in snow. They’re great in normal weather—I feel like I’m floating! I can’t wait to see how sliding goes.

*and don’t even ask about the # of magazines