I’m on vacation this week, both from work (mandatory) and from blogging.

The same night of my last entry, The harsh brutal truth, (at midnight no less) my precious dog did an inappropriate outside activity inside. On my BED.

Not only did I have to clean up a mess (which I did a nice job of if I do say so), at midnight, but I had to put major effort into not throwing my dog down the steps. That was the harder of the two jobs, let me tell you.

Now don’t go calling the ASPCA; you know I wouldn’t throw her down there. But if ever I had a reason to do so, this was it. And I have to say: it would’ve felt pretty good.

During the course of this series of unfortunate events—again I refer you the link above for additional reference—I had a meltdown. After the yelling (ooh—and the cursing would’ve made a priest blush), it degenerated into crying. It was ugly.

I don’t often have meltdowns. But I guess the stress of the holidays, PPeriMS, and the late hour got to me (plus obviously the actual trigger) and I broke down.

Fortunately for both of us, the bf managed to (couldn’t help but?) rouse from his nap to provide reassurance and comfort.

Anyway, given the negative tenor of my last post, Girl’s death-wish act, and the holidays (not so bad this year…) I decided to take a break.

As always, I have a lot to say and could blog, but I just have to get that damn kitchen primed and painted. I can’t stand it. I also refuse to go back to work not feeling like I’ve accomplished something.

You’d think it was the size of an airplane hanger wouldn’t you? But no, it’s just a dinky little kitchen with odd angles and lots of angles and paint-absorbing plaster. So give me a couple of days to get through that and I’ll be back soon.

If you feel that strongly about my blogging and want to see more, please feel free to come help paint. It’s more fun with more people.

dscn2295-medium.jpg dscn2296-medium.jpg

The color’s not much better in person either…