Some holiday foods I’ve had this week:

  • chocolate-covered pretzels (dark and light!)
  • bacon—lots of bacon (more than usual)
  • special varietal of brown sugar-coated bacon
  • homemade donuts (deep-fried, drained, and dipped in sugar)
  • ice cream (not seasonal but I’ve eaten a lot)
  • Ted Drewes frozen custard (not ice cream) (see above)
  • chili-cheese dip with scoopable Fritos
  • ham (see above)
  • bacon-covered shrimp
  • mini-beef Wellingtons (really just mini-croissants with a dollop of meat)
  • potato slices cooked in some buttery stuff
  • misc. chocolates from my Xmas stocking
  • too many kinds of cookies to list
  • buffalo chicken dip and chips for
  • white cheese-chicken pizza
  • alcohol summary: Bacardi fruity-somethings in a juice and white soda punch; bloody maries; Kahlua (sp?)

I need to go back to work so I can stick to chocolate and weekly apple fritters. I’m gonna blow up (in more ways than one) if I keep this up.