This is going to be a short one (HA!). After much hemming and hawing—no, seriously, I spent a lot of time on it and I know you’re shocked—I finally booked my usually-annual winter vacation.

It’ll be my first time at an all-inclusive, something I’ve tried to avoid because you’re so isolated, they tend to waste energy, crappy pay to workers, I don’t want to eat American food in a foreign country (steak excepted), etc.

::steps off soapbox::

But the choices were overwhelming, and let’s face it: What am I gonna do the whole time? Lay/lie my pale butt on a chair by the waves, “over apply sunblock yet still burn in funky places,” drink native cocktails and eat seafood. It’s not like I want to go on “excursions.”

Sleep, eat, read. That’s it. Think Elizabeth Gilbert, but without deliberate attempts to pray and no love, except for loving thoughts. (I’ve already got my groove back.)

I don’t want the worries of where to eat, how to get there, blah blah blah 3+ times a day. Not to mention finding a good beach to go to that’s near food, safe, and has a bathroom at my disposal.

So that’s my rationalization for the “AI.” I already sold my soul to the devil when I started working outside the 501(c)3 sector, so why not add an all-inclusive trip to Mexico in there too?!

I can’t wait.

(Beach is wayyyy back there.)