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It’s been 5 years today that I quit smoking cigarettes.

Granted, just yesterday I chewed the plastic out of a coffee stirrer but it wasn’t a cigarette.

I always get a Ted Drewes “Oreo concrete extra Oreo” concrete on my “anniversary”* but they had the nerve to close for the season after yesterday (i.e.-when I really “need” them).

So not only did I have an anticipatory concrete on Friday, but The Man got us some last night for dessert.

Well, technically he got himself a concrete and me a kiddy hot fudge sundae and an “Oreo concrete extra Oreo” concrete, but I ate the hot fudge sundae last night (which was Sunday after all), and managed to decided to save the concrete for tonight.

Do you want to know how I did it? So do I.

I just take it one day at a time, remember how restarting the last time didn’t make me feel any better, and I eat a lot. And cry more easily. And honk and yell at other drivers a lot more (just like Emily!).

Anyone who’s been around me long enough knows that I still love how cigarettes smell when they’re being smoked. I’ll sometimes say “let’s have a cigarette” to a family member/friend, but that’s code for “you smoke and I’ll inhale.”

Yeah, I know it’s weird.

Especially because cigarette smoke repelled me all the other times I’ve quit. Go figure.

It’s the hardest relationship I’ve ever gotten out of. Like an abusive spouse it frequently begs me to take it back, but so far I’ve resisted.

Yay me!

*and no, you smart a__, my anniversary isn’t “almost every day” during their open season. The purpose of those concretes is “thirst quencher,” “cool me down”er, and/or “nutritional supplement.” That’s way different than this special anniversary version.