This is most of my reading material for to/from/in Mexico, and I’ve already pruned out a few magazines and books, but still have a couple more to pick up @ the used bookstore (paperbacks, mercifully). Clearly, some additional refinement will be needed.


Do I seriously think I’m going to get through all these in a week?

Next I will be selecting music and—cliché alert—my, how times have changed.

OK, this is how long I have been doing these winter trips. I’ve progressed from bringing:

  • cassette tapes and a portable tape player to
  • cassettes and a Walkman to
  • cds and a cd player to
  • 512 mg. Micro Muvo N200 (my first, my beloved mp3 player) to my
  • soon-to-be-reformatted 5 (?) gb Zen Neeon, which is still a small dinosaur by today’s standards, but is fine for me.