I realize I’ll probably get little sympathy for this (despite the fact that I saved up for it all year—it used to be my ‘avoid my birthday’ trip, I didn’t get one last year, and my vacation is the only time I get to fully relax and be free of any responsibilities),

but the forecast for my trip is 60% chance of precipitation every day. Now I’m certainly skeptical of meteorologists, who (IMHO) think their precise instrumentation is the way to predict what is still an art (i.e.-meteorology, the weather).

But dammit I want 100% chance of sunshine for my winter vacations. It can even be a little cool with the water too cold. I am just craving the light.

The upshot is that I want certainty where there is none.

How fitting for so many parts of my life, yet how many times have I had to re-learn this lesson?! And now, yet another “opportunity to learn.” Oh boy.

I’m tired of learning. I just want static consistency and boring predictability and to maintain my horizons (not “broaden” them).

Just for a short time,

until it gets boring.

Oh—and I want sunshine and warmth on my trip.