Your prayers to the sun gods worked, and there was enough sun to relax me to sleep so many times I have blisters.

Re-entry into reality has been a bit overwhelming and has caused more meltdowns today than in the previous 2 years combined. Seriously.

Thus, this will be short (no, I mean it this time).

Some highlights that began with my first hangover in about 20 years:

  • “Are you sure you left your car on the Metro lot, ’cause I don’t see it there”
  • luggage in DFW and me here
  • inappropriate cat behavior. They didn’t pry open the freezer door this time. It was worse—I had to air out and sanitize my house. I think the cats might be sick and are dying.

–>Needless to say, this was not what I envisioned for my gradual re-entry into society.

The good news from yesterday and today was that

  • I successfully tested the safety feature on the light rail trams at DFW by prying open the closing doors and wedging myself in until they opened; I was applauded upon my entry into the car.
  • I got a full aerobic workout by running up the stairs and down the whole terminal to catch my flight (4 min. to spare, thank you very much, and I was hardly out of breath).
  • My luggage was delivered to me today.
  • My honey didn’t run away from me when I had my 4th meltdown. He did beat feet when the time was right, but I can’t fault anyone for that. I didn’t want to be here either.

More tales and “boring vacation photos that only mean something to me” coming soon.