March 1969!

…to my friend Meg DK (not Meg McC) because I sent the bee-atch-iest <edit 1/26> snarkyest (sp?) email to her last night and included everyone on the email she’d sent out. I was responding to one she’d forwarded about yet another “something for nothing” deal that (this time) was about Bill Gates giving money away.

In hindsight, which I often have after the fact, I should’ve just deleted the damn thing and not said anything.

Believe it or not, I have learned over the years, this being one large exception, to shut up more. (No, really. Can you imagine if I really told everyone what I thought all the time? My gawd, I’d have no friends at all!)

I normally “sit with” an idea or a response or a decision for several hours or a day or whatever, before I act upon it. But this time I didn’t.

Despite caring a lot less overall in my life what people think, sometimes I do care what they think, and I guess this is one of those times. <Edit on 1/26: After further consideration I think this is more about regretting my rapid-fire action than about others’ opinions of it, especially given that I still feel that way about those dumb emails. I simply shot this particular messenger in front of an audience.>

It was really nothing personal to her at all, but I just get so sick of these totally implausible emails offering great things that are obviously (to me, anyway) total bullkaka. And I don’t understand why people send them over and over.

Granted, my reaction was comparable to running over a pedestrian who’s walking against the light today yet again, only it’s a different pedestrian every day so if you pick one to run over you’re just running over that one, not making any real point about anything, not changing anything.

All you really end up doing is just p*&*&ing people off and having them think you’re a real bee-atch. <edit 1/26: am used to that by now>

So Meggie, I say it for all to see: I am sorry if I made you feel stupid, because that wasn’t my intent.


June 1975


Note to self:”I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.”